About Us

Gladiator Therapeutics is a leading research and development company specializing in Far Infrared Technology. The company is dedicated to offering new devices for medical conditions with few treatment options, that can benefit from the cellular regeneration properties of our patented technology.

In 2009, Gladiator Therapeutics began research to develop medical devices utilizing a unique patented Far Infrared technology. Our partner, Dr. Albert Wey is the inventor of FIR-based Reaction Barrier Reduction (RBR) technology. He discovered that FIR (far-infrared) in a 3 – 16 micron wavelength range may be absorbed by most molecules, facilitating the absorption of energy and the elimination of waste. This allows cells to function more normally, achieving homeostasis.

Blessed with novel technology, we continue to advance and explore medical applications through ongoing clinical trials and case studies. Our intention is to develop medical devices using this non-powered FIR technology based on scientific evidence for a variety of indications including wound healing and physical recovery from tissue damage or surgical recovery.

Semicera™ Technology


Stimulates cells to actively heal the body, reduce inflammation and increase circulation, providing the energy and nutrients needed for cell regeneration.

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