The patented Gladiator Therapeutics Devices use far infrared technology and far infrared therapy to improve blood circulation and safely reduce inflammation and pain. By improving the body’s circulation, the Gladiator Device provides better blood flow which can speed the healing for chronic wounds and post-surgical recovery. Indeed, when the circulatory system is running efficiently, the benefits extend beyond physical health.

The Gladiator Device is simple to use, portable, and requires no power source. It emits no heat and has no known side effects. It’s safe, effective, and can be worn 24/7 without risk of overexposure.

What is Far Infrared?

The circulatory boost comes from patented ceramics embedded in hypoallergenic silicone rubber. These ceramics consist of transitional metal oxides and emit far infrared waves. Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation, which is simply energy that is all around us and it takes many forms–it’s in the radio waves that bring you the traffic report in the morning, microwaves that power calls and texts from your phone, sunlight, the colors all around you, and an X-ray you get when you break a bone.

In short, electromagnetic radiation spans a huge range. It’s generally divided into seven regions called the electromagnetic spectrum. At one end are radio waves, which have the lowest frequency and longest wavelengths of all radiation on the spectrum, which means that radio waves are a low-energy, non-ionizing form of radiation.

Non-ionizing essentially means that radio waves don’t have enough energy to damage human cells. At the other end of the spectrum are gamma rays. Among other things, gamma rays are used to treat cancerous cells. They have the highest frequency and shortest wavelength of all the forms of radiation, and therefore, pack the most energy. They are considered an ionizing form of radiation because they can alter and damage our cells (which is why they’re used in cancer treatment).

The entire electromagnetic spectrum, from lowest to highest energy is radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet waves, X-rays, and gamma rays. Infrared lies between microwaves and visible light and is a non-ionizing, and therefore a non-destructive form of energy. All humans emit infrared waves, and we do it in the form of heat. In fact, pretty much everything on earth emits some type of heat energy, whether it’s living or nonliving.

Semicera® Far Infrared Technology

Far Infrared Light Penetrates the body down to the cellular level
Stimulates cellular activity, providing energy to the cells
Breaks down water molecule clusters within the blood to smaller clusters that can penetrate cells
Increases blood flow and overall circulation, brings vital nutrients and eliminates waste
Reduces inflammation, allowing the healing process to progress
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