carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Everything You Need to Know

By Gladiator Therapeutics

March 29, 2024

Technology is a regular part of everyday life, and few technologies don’t require active and regular use of your hands. This includes everything from your fingers to your wrists. When you use your hands so regularly, you put a strain on the bones and joints, which can lead to a painful condition called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

To help with the symptoms and potentially treat the causes, consider the healing products offered by Gladiator Therapeutics. Our far infrared technology can help with the body’s healing process and relieve CTS pain. Before talking about relieving pain though, it’s important to break down and explain what this condition entails.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that arises from the compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. This tunnel is a narrow passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand. It is where the median nerve is housed, which provides feeling to the thumb, index, middle, and part of the ring fingers.

When the median nerve becomes compressed, it can lead to pain, weakness, and numbness throughout your hand and wrist.

What Can Cause Carpal Tunnel?

The onset of carpal tunnel syndrome can be triggered by various factors:

  • Repetitive Motions: Activities involving using your wrist can lead to carpal tunnel. Frequent use of vibrating tools, such as a push lawnmower, a chainsaw, or even a videogame controller, can contribute to CTS.
  • Genetics: Some people are born with smaller carpal tunnels, which makes the median nerves more susceptible to compression. In this instance, you can develop carpal tunnel even if you do not use your hands repetitively.
  • Health Conditions: Diabetes and other metabolic disorders, as well as inflammation from arthritis or trauma, can affect the tendons in the tunnel and lead to a higher risk of nerve compression.

Recognizing Symptoms and Getting Diagnosed

Catching the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome is crucial for effective treatment. The sooner we start tackling the problem, the faster it can be treated and the less painful it will be. Symptoms and diagnosis include:

  • Tingling and Numbness: Initially, people may experience a feeling of “pins and needles” or an electric shock sensation in the fingers, particularly the thumb and index finger.
  • Weakening Grip: Over time, carpal tunnel symptoms can lead to a reduced ability to make a fist, grasp small objects, or perform other manual tasks.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Doctors can diagnose CTS using a combination of physical examination, nerve conduction tests, and electromyograms (EMGs) to measure electrical activity in muscles and nerves.

Early diagnosis is key to managing CTS pain effectively.

Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome depends on the severity of the condition. There are treatment options that work for some, but they won’t work for others.

  • Rest and Activity Modification: In the initial stages of CTS, taking regular breaks and changing the way certain activities are performed can help alleviate your symptoms.
  • Wrist Splints: Wearing a brace or splint can help to keep the wrist in a neutral position. This can help relieve pressure on the median nerve when you’re sleeping or performing tasks that can exacerbate CTS symptoms.
  • Physical Therapy: A variety of hand exercises can be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of CTS.
  • Surgery: For severe or persistent cases, carpal tunnel release surgery may be recommended to alleviate pressure on the median nerve.
  • CTS Healing Devices: Healing devices like those from Gladiator Therapeutics can boost the ability to heal the cause of the condition and reduce swelling and compression around the tunnel.

Prevention Strategies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

While not always avoidable, implementing the following strategies can help:

  • Ergonomic Workspace Setup: Maintaining a neutral wrist while on the computer can help prevent your chances of developing CTS. This means keeping your wrists in a largely straight – not bent – position.
  • Regular Breaks and Stretches: Taking frequent breaks to stretch the hands and wrists can go a long way in preventing CTS.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits: Keeping your weight under control and avoiding repetitive motions that might lead to nerve damage can reduce the risk of CTS.
  • Regular Activity: Engaging in regular physical activity and maintaining good posture can also play key roles in CTS prevention.

Who Often Experiences Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

While anyone can develop carpal tunnel syndrome, certain professions and activities are known to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Office Workers

Computer work, particularly if the setup is not ergonomic, can strain the wrists and potentially lead to CTS. Typing for extended periods without proper support or taking breaks can exacerbate the condition. It also doesn’t help that many office workers need to sit in place all day, and good posture can be difficult to maintain.


The popularity of gaming has brought more awareness to the impacts of long, repetitive gaming sessions on the wrists. Gamers often spend hours gripping controllers or using mouse and keyboard combinations. The vibrations of gaming controllers can also compress a hand’s tunnel.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a manageable condition with the right approach. By understanding the causes, recognizing the symptoms, seeking proper diagnosis, exploring appropriate treatments, and implementing prevention strategies, you can minimize the impact of CTS on their daily lives. It is important to consult with healthcare professionals to develop the most suitable treatment plan.

Take control of your hand health by staying informed and proactive. Whether you’re navigating a professional career, dominating the gaming world, or pursuing health and fitness, your hands and wrists are critical instruments that deserve careful attention and care. The healing devices at Gladiator Therapeutics can help. Contact us today.