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The Top Five Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

By Gladiator Therapeutics

May 16, 2019

The Top Five Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

It’s a question we often get — “How can the Gladiator Device help reduce my pain and help improve my life?” And our answer is always the same — it’s the far infrared technology!

For decades now, studies on far infrared have shown the healing power of this technology. For only a few minutes a day, far infrared can reduce inflammation and pain, improve the quality of your life.

Want to learn more? Check out the top five benefits of FIR therapy.

1. Far Infrared Can Reduce Inflammation

In a double-blind study, 50 patients with degenerative osteoarthritis were separated into three different treatment groups — one was treated with a placebo, one with far infrared light, and one with red light therapy. The subjects used the treatment on their knees for 15 minutes a day for ten days. At the end of the ten days, there was a significant difference between the three groups. The study found that those in the red and far infrared groups suffered a 50 percent reduction in pain following the treatment.

2. It Can Improve Circulation

Studies have shown that when far infrared used over an extended period, it can improve your blood vessel function. Not only can it increase blood flow for up to 60 minutes, but the skin temperature remains the same. Another study found it increased oxygen levels in the body, reducing fatigue. To learn the mechanics of how circulation gets a boost, check out this blog.

3. FIR Can Help Improve Exercise and Recovery

Anyone who works out knows what post-exercise soreness is. Also known as DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness), it is your body telling you it’s repairing the muscle fibers that tore while you were exercising. These microscopic tears create inflammation and pain. And as we already learned, FIR can help with inflammation, shortening your recovery period so you can get back to exercising!

4. It Can Speed the Wound Healing Process

Far infrared rays have been shown to increase the levels of certain critical factors in the healing process, which can speed up the progression as well as the activity of cells that repair the damage.

5. Infrared Can Help Improve Your Mood

Studies have shown that using far infrared light treatment at acupuncture points, increased the serotonin levels of patients, improving the participants’ mood. In another study, rats that were exposed to long-term infrared light treatment reduced some negative behaviors such as anxiety and depression.

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